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Cookie Keychain

Cookie Keychain

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Each product is customized. It is important to complete each section before proceeding with your order. 

Cookie-shaped keychain for animal souvenir, containing hair, ashes or horsehair integrate in epoxy, so it can accompany you wherever you go.

Small dimensions: 3 x 3.5 cm (1.18 x 1.37 po)
Large dimensions: 5 x 4 cm (2 x  1.57 po)

Note: Epoxy tends to make hair darker. Some types of white hair (especially those of dogs) can become transparent once cast in resin. For unused hairs, we give you a glass vial with the hairs inside, decorated with a symbolic heart.  

For excess ashes mixed with resin, we make small hearts with those that are not used, which will be given to you with your souvenir. The rest of the unused ashes will also be returned to you in a glass vial containing the ashes inside, decorated with a symbolic heart. The designs are unique and may differ from the picture. / Heart-shaped charm Included.

Receive the envelope for the recovery of your pet’s parcels within 3 to 5 days, according to Canada Post deadlines. You will receive your souvenir about 2-3 weeks after the reception of the hairs/ashes, knowing that the delivery time may vary.

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