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Infinity green lime scarf for women

Infinity green lime scarf for women

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Couleur intérieure


- Exterior is lime green.
- Interior is dark blue.

Ways to wear it

            -Around the neck closed zipper to hide personal belongings.
            -Around the neck the zipper open.
            -in a shoulder bag
            -in hoodie style
            -In bolero (like a jacket on the shoulders).
For more details, you can watch the video right here.


-Scarf: 64 inch (162.56 cm) circumference x 13.5 inch (33.02 cm) width
-Pouch: length of 28 inches (71 cm) x a depth of 6.5 inches (15.3 cm).

            -Four-season model.
            -Registered industrial design #166626.
            -Sewn and assembled in Quebec.
            -The fabrics are purchased in Montreal.
            -No loss of raw material.

Outer: 95% rayon, 5% elastane.
Inside: Organic cotton

-Machine wash to delicate.
-Machine dry. But to keep it beautiful longer, it is better to dry it hanging.

With the large pocket (which is invisible when closed), you can hide passport, cell or money.

* The shades in the photo may differ from the actual ones, due to the adjustments of your screen.

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