Collection: Créa-Mi

Emilie Lemieux, creator and owner of Souvenir Créa-Mi, graphic designer by profession and driven both by my profession and my passion for the animal world. My experience spent in a crematorium for animals, I explored an area where the preservation of precious memories of our companions is made possible.

Animals have always been an integral part of my life. Even during my years at CEGEP, I shared my modest 3 and a half with two cats, a dog and a turtle.

However, when I moved in with my spouse, I had to make the difficult decision to adopt my two cats. Today, I realize that the only memories I have of them are photos. It is rare that we consider keeping a lock of our precious companions. If I had that thought at the time, I could have created a much more personal memory.

In 2016, my 13-year-old dog, Pitchounette, left us for the dog paradise. This loss was particularly distressing because she was my confidante and my comfort. The ability to preserve memories of her has greatly facilitated my grieving process. Wherever I go, she remains with me.

The link between these experiences lies in my curiosity to work with epoxy, which was the starting point for the creation of memories dedicated to animals. For a year, during my moments of freedom, I learned how to handle epoxy, carried out tests and invested in the necessary equipment to obtain a quality product. I refined the manufacturing process to offer a quality product.

My mission is to design unique and quality souvenirs for your animals, whatever the reason, in order to pay tribute to these companions who occupy such an important place in our lives.

As a bonus, my life companions: Donald, Leebie, Kaisy and Paco.